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Falkland Primary School Council


At Falkland Primary we believe the school council plays an important role in providing opportunities for our pupils to become partners in their own education and make positive contributions to the school environment and ethos. We aim to accomplish this by allowing children to have a ‘voice’, hearing and valuing their opinions and ideas. This helps to develop pupils’ recognition of themselves as worthwhile individuals with a right to be heard.

We believe that feeling valued helps to develop and promote self-confidence, social skills, responsible behaviour towards each other and towards teachers and adult members of staff.

At Falkland primary we use the school council as a vehicle to help develop pupil knowledge, skills and understanding of how to contribute to society as a whole and what it means to be an active citizen. Indeed, we are active fund raisers for local, national and international causes.

The School Council Representatives

At the start of the school year each class choose their school council representatives. This is usually done through a secret ballot. The role of the school council representative is to represent their class members at school council meetings. They also have specific roles within the council, ranging from treasurer to caretaker liaison officer.

The Pupil Voice Box

In each classroom there is a pupil voice box where suggestions for improvement within the school can be placed. These are then discussed, often at length, at our School Council meetings. Sometimes we feel able to make sensible decisions right there and then, and our reps will feedback to their respective classes. Sometimes we need to have further discussions with Mrs Henderson before we can respond to the suggestions.
The pupil voice box has proved to be a very powerful tool and one that is used with great enthusiasm. Whilst we sometimes get the over ambitious, ‘Can we have our own swimming pool?’ or ‘Can we have pizza every day?’ requests, the vast majority of suggestions are well thought out and worthy of consideration. Some of our most recent actions that have come from the pupil voice boxes include; requests for additional playground equipment resulting in the School Council identifying specific equipment, ordering and delivering it to the playground; a strong desire to raise money for charity resulting in multiple initiatives ranging from; a Talent Show, Pyjama Day and the ‘End Polio Now’ campaign.

Without doubt, Falkland Primary School Council helps us all to work together towards a common goal. We are learning how to become more responsible and how to play a positive role in our local and wider community. Please have a look at our notice board in the hall, next to the school office, for our latest ideas and events.

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