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Governing Board Details


The Governing Board has 15 members: four parents, one member of school staff and the Head Teacher, one appointee of the local authority and eight co-opted members (who are selected based on the skills and experience they offer), as set out in the Instrument of Government

Profiles of the current members and any declarations of interest are listed on the Governor Profiles’ page. Details of their roles and responsibilities are set out below.

Standing Orders

The approved Governing Board’s Standing Orders are available here: 


Falkland School Governing Board has one main committee which typically meets once a term:

  • Resources – ensures financial probity and best use of available resources.

Additionally the Pay Committee and Head Teacher Pay Review Panel both meet annually. The Appeals Committee meet as required. All committees report back to Full Governing Board (FGB) meetings. We also have working groups looking at Data and one which is involved in HR and Recruitment. Additionally governors belong to groups which monitor specific areas of the School Development Plan (SDP)

Governors will typically belong to at least one committee or working group and details of each governor’s membership are listed in the table below. Associate Governors do not have voting rights at either Full Governing Body meetings or Committee meetings.

Link Governor Roles

Governors also take on link roles for specific areas which are listed below under ‘designated responsibilities’.

Governors’ roles and committee membership are being reassigned in September 2017.

Attendance Records

Details of current governors’ attendance at FGB meetings for the last academic year are also provided below along with names of recent former governors and their resignation dates.

These details were last updated in July 2017

Name Committee Membership Designated Responsibilities Attendance 2016/17 Governor Meetings
Sheila Burch Premises (Chair) and Appeals Safeguarding 8/9 (FGB)


Kimberley Tiley Communications 7/9 (FGB)
Emily Langdon Resources & HTPRP HR 9/9 (FGB)

3/3 (Resources)

Chris Mabbatt


Equalities 7/9 (FGB)

2/2 (Premises)

Kirsty McKenzie H&S 7/9 (FGB)


Nick Morris


Resources IT and Data

 8/9 (FGB)

3/3 (Resources)

Barrie Prentice


HTPRP Data 7/9 (FGB)

4/6 (Resources)

Frances Rayson (Chair) Resources & Pay  Data 9/9 (FGB)

3/3 (Resources)

Cathie Read (Vice-Chair) Pay and Charitable Trust English, PPG, G&T and Pupils at risk of underachievement 7/9 (FGB)

1/1 (Resources)

Rachel Spillane


Appeals and Charitable Trust Maths, SEN &  Data 8/9 (FGB)

2/2 (Premises)

Sam Sale Pupil Voice/ PSHE/ School Council 4/4 (FGB)

4/6 (Premises)

Dan Tree


Resources (Chair) & Pay Sports Funding 5/9 (FGB)

3/3 (Resources)

Peter Tompkins


Data and Premises 9/9 (FGB)

2/2 (Premises)

1/1 (Resources)

Linda Wood Resources 9/9 (FGB)

2/2 (Premises)

3/3 (Resources)

Tricia Whiting


Appeals & HTPRP EYFS and Science 2/9 (FGB)

0/1 (Resources)

Associate Governors
Kavash Bamfield


Resources and Charitable Trust Communications and HR
8/9 (FGB)

3/3 (Resources)

Ken Hillerton 4/9 (FGB)

6/6 (Premises)

 Helen Strutt 2/2 (FGB)
Recent Former-Governors
Lee Tillen


Premises Pupil Voice/ PSHE/ School Council 1/2 (FGB)

4/6 (Premises)

Term of office ended Dec ’16

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