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Welcome to the Governors Section of the Falkland School Website.

Whilst the Governing Board has a strategic role to play and the Head Teacher and staff an operational one, the children are at the centre of every decision taken at Falkland School. We aim to achieve the very best for each child at the same time ensuring that a continuous programme of improvement is in place so that we may realise our vision of a learning, caring community for all.

The Government has placed increasing demands on Governing boards and they are now required, more than ever, to provide ”strong, strategic leadership” and “to hold their school leaders to account”.

In order to carry out their function effectively Governing Boards need ”transparent data on the performance and finances of the school”. In other words they need clear and valid information on the progress and attainment of the pupils as well as accurate and appropriate financial data. Governors, therefore, need to have the skills to understand the information provided to them and the ability to use it constructively and imaginatively for the benefit of the children.

It is both a challenge and a privilege to serve on a governing board. It is a worthwhile and rewarding role which requires commitment and enthusiasm to fulfil to a standard that the children and their teachers deserve. In July 2015 the Governing Board reconstituted (a statutory requirement) which reduced the number of prescriptive roles of community, staff and LA governors whilst increasing the emphasis on the skills that each individual brings to the role. From time to time new Governors will be sought to fulfil specific roles and it is hoped that the right mix of skills will be available to move the school on in the coming years.

Governing Boards cannot be complacent in a fast moving world and rigorous self evaluation will play a significant part in establishing whether its aims and objectives are being met.

The Governing Board is committed to fully supporting the Head Teacher as she manages the day-to-day activities associated with the running of a successful primary school and we are fortunate at Falkland to have Governors committed to their role.

Watching happy, confident Year 6s preparing to move to secondary school is all the reward for the hard work that is needed.

Emily Langdon, Chair of Governors

Governing Board Objectives

The Governing Board Objectives for 2016/17 are set out here:

Governor Impact

The most recent Governance Statement and Governor Impact Reports are available by clicking here.

Governing Board Details: Information about the structure of the Governing Board and members’ roles, responsibilities and attendance are set out on the Governing Board Details page. Detailed information about current members is listed on the Governor Profiles’ page.


Contacting the Governors: As a school and Governing Board we welcome your thoughts and opinions which can be communicated through one of the ways indicated below.

Email – governors@falkland.w-berks.sch.uk

Or write to:

The Chair of, or Clerk to Governors
Falkland Primary School
Andover Road
RG14 6NU

Schedule of Full Governing Body Meetings 2016/17

  • Monday 17th October 2016
  • Monday 28th November 2016
  • Monday 6th February 2017
  • Monday 27th March 2017
  • Friday 19th May 2017
  • Monday 10th July 2017

Full Governing Body Meeting Minutes

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