Falkland Primary School

Emergency Closures

If we need to close school because of snow or bad weather we will inform:

BBC Radio Berkshire –FM 95.4,104.1  http://www.bbc.co.uk/radioberkshire

The Breeze (Newbury) –FM105.6,107.4 http://newbury.thebreeze.com/

107 Jack FM (Reading) – FM 107 http://www.jackfmberkshire.com/

Heart (Berkshire) FM102.9, 97.0 http://www.heart.co.uk/berkshire/


Please listen to one of these stations or check their websites for information and updates but please do not ring the radio. We will also show any closures on our website as well as sending a text to parents and staff.

To find work to do during the closure visit our School Information menu and select the category of Closure Details and Pupil Work.

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