Falkland Primary School

Eco Squad

Eco Squad has been busy over the last few years. We have achieved our Bronze school eco award and are very near applying for Silver. The £1000 challenge was launched in September, challenging everybody staff and children to save £1000 on the schools electricity, gas, water and resources bills. Members of the Eco Squad have undertaken assemblies, encouraging everybody in school to turn lights off, taps, closing doors, not wasting paper etc. Daily our Energy Enforcers visit classrooms and offices checking that lights, computers and interactive white boards have not been left on. Consequently, we are hoping to achieve this challenge in the near future. Eco Squad has also been involved in recycling stamps, mobile phones, Christmas cards and supporting the Bag2School scheme. Eco Squad have organised litter picking rotas within the school and been out litter picking themselves. Also, frequently poster have been produced reminding everybody to take their litter home or put it in the bin. In January we enjoyed a very successful trip to the recycling centre at Padworth. The Eco Squad have a designated ‘Eco board’ which is situated in the hall, with all our news. Of course the great excitement is our new garden!


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