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Lower Juniors

Year 3 discover super cells!

On Wednesday 17th May Year 3 visited St Gabriel’s school to participate in an experiment, comparing onion cells to their own cheek cells.

The teacher from St Gabriel’s, Miss Raynor, had designed an interactive and exciting session for the children.  She brought the size of cells into perspective by showing the size of human cells compared to a grains of salt and rice.
The children worked in pairs to prepare slides with a single layer of onion skin.  They were all able to see the cell structure clearly.  This was very exciting for them.
They then prepared slides with their own cells using swabs from the inside of their cheeks.  Many children were able to see the nucleus of their own cells.
The whole day was a great success and every single child gained knowledge in an amazing environment with fabulous equipment.
Hannah – It was unbelievable because we got to look at our own cells.
Ruthie – It was interesting because we looked at different types of cells. I thought they would look similar but they are not.
Joshua – I really liked looking through the microscope at the different cells.

Year 3 are still outraged!

Today Year 3 went on a protest. They have shown passion and determination to save their field from ‘Terrible Texsbury’s’. They enjoyed this experience a lot – I’m sure some chants could be heard from Texsbury’s HQ.

Well done Year 3!



Year 3 are outraged!


On Wednesday 26th April, Year 3 received a devastating letter telling them that there is going to be a supermarket built on the school field. This is going to be part of our ongoing English unit on persuasive writing. To set the scene the children were taken out onto the field to enjoy playing games and the luxury of having that space. As the unit continues, they will form an argument against building the supermarket before writing a persuasive letter for their hot task explaining why this should not go ahead. This is a scenario and not real but we would like the children to be full engrossed and so would fully appreciate if you would participate in the outrage.




   The Lower Junior children have done a fantastic job performing in our production this year. Fabulous acting, amazing singing, groovy dancing and a lots of ‘punny’ jokes! Well done to all the children, especially those who had a lot of lines to learn and solos to sing. The children have enjoyed it immensely. Lower Juniors – you were simply…staggering!

Stanley Marvel, DC and Superstan!


The Crumblies.

The Candy King with Dr What, Dr When and Dr Why.

Dan Deadline with his reporters Peter, Parker, Clark and Kent.

Max Volume and Sunny Day

The Bogeyman, Mayor & Curator / General Commotion & Mayor

Curley, Wurley and the Candy King

General Commotion and his Privates.

The Citizens of Megaville.

The Minions.

We couldn’t perform without our stage crew!

Or our wonderful Year 3 choir!

Musical Theatre Residency – Year 4


Year 4 performed two songs and a scene from Les Miserables as part of the Musical Theatre Residency. They performed brilliantly, both during rehearsals and during the performances. The children really enjoyed this experience. Well done Year 4 – you did us proud!




Year 3


Year 3 were VERY excited today as they got to meet a lion. They had fun investigating why the lion had come and quickly found out that he was looking for his missing cubs. The children investigated the crime scene (Miss Duff’s classroom), interviewed teachers and children, drew crime scene pictures and looked at articles with a similar theme.

Joshua – It’s been great because we have done lots of fun activities.

Marlow – It was unbelievable because when we searched Miss Duff’s classroom we found cubs and clues.

Freddie – It’s been a really good day because it has been fun.

Holly – Today has been the best day at Falkland ever.

Phoebe – I loved having my picture with the lion.

Ruthie – This was the best day because I saw lots of paw prints.

We are really looking forward to seeing what the children produce in their writing. We all believe that they have been truly inspired and are excited about writing their news articles.

Year 3 Team.

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