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Our Policy for SEN/Inclusion

At Falkland we are committed to meeting the Special Educational Needs of pupils and ensuring that they make progress, are challenged and encouraged to achieve their full potential in every aspect of school life.  We endeavour to identify and provide support for the wide spectrum of needs that make up an individual’s profile; whether cognitive, social and emotional, sensory or physical.  Pupils with SEND are taught inclusively with their peers through targeted and rigorous differentiation and resources. They access short and precise individual and small group intervention from the SEND team or 1:1 support assistants, where appropriate.

We believe that;

‘Inclusion involves the school in a process of accommodation where the onus is on the school to change, adapting curricula methods, materials and procedures so that it becomes more responsive to the individual.’  
(Frederickson and Cline, 2009, P.71)

About us in the SEN/Inclusion Department

Our team consists of SENCo Mrs Allison and SENTA (and ELSA) Mrs Rudd and a host of other TA’s who plan, deliver and assess interventions for pupils across the school whether ‘Booster groups’ for pupils below national standard or SEN support intervention.  Some of our teaching assistants work closely with one child as a 1:1 support assistant and others deliver interventions to a wider number of pupils throughout the school.


Types of intervention

Currently we are able to offer the following interventions to pupils that meet the criteria for accessing additional support;

Types of intervention


Currently we are able to offer the following interventions to pupils that meet the criteria for accessing additional support;



Catch up Reading   – Y2 to Y6

Precision Teaching – all years

Dyslexia Friendly additional phonics and spelling – Y2 to Y6

Dyslexia Friendly Focused sentences – Y2 to Y6

SPAG writing project



Snap Maths – Mental maths – Y2 to Y6

Rapid Maths – Y3/4

Precision teaching – all years



Draw and Talk

ELSA intervention

FSW (Family Support Worker) support

Social Skills and self-esteem groups (Managing feelings or bespoke sessions)

Behaviour mentoring programme



OT sessions – gross and fine motor skills

Sensory circuits

Physiotherapy activities


Speech and Language

Talking Partners – all years

Specific Speech and language – pre- learning vocabulary, specific targets, speech and grammar discrimination

(all our teaching assistants are regularly trained by our Speech and Language Therapist and practice integrated support strategies within class)

Specific target time is offered to older pupils accessing SEN Support or statement/EHC’s  in order for them to work on reaching their specific and individual targets.  Younger pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their targets through the child friendly target sheets used in class.

All our interventions are tailored to individual SAP targets and are specific to the needs of each individual pupil.  Most SEN interventions are 1:1 or paired and take place outside the literacy and numeracy lessons.

Parent Partnership

At Falkland we welcome the involvement of parents in their children’s progress and needs.  We urge parents to make an appointment to speak to us at any time whether they just have a simple query or wish to discuss support for their child.  There are SEND parent clinic times on a Tuesday at 3pm and Wednesday 8:45am or you can make an appointment through the office.  We inform parents of any changes in their child’s provision and any ways in which they can help at home.  Please click on the link below which details parent meetings and SAP information provided throughout the year.

partnership arrangements

Please feel free to complete an SEN parent questionnaire to let us know how we can help your child further and improve PARENT PARTNERSHIP –

SAPs (Support and Achievement Plans) are reviewed and new targets set (during parent/school SAP meetings) at the end of the Summer, Autumn and Spring term in order that targets are in place for the beginning of each term.  Parent review meetings are held three times per year (see letters section) and a report from SEND is provided to parents at the end of the summer term.  Parents also receive information regarding pupil progress within interventions throughout the year.

Referral Process

If you are concerned about your child’s needs in school then you should speak to their teacher who may or may not refer them to the SEN Dept through an ‘SEN alert form’.  Their progress will then be monitored more closely by the SEN team.  If you are still concerned then we offer a ‘General Solutions’ meeting in order to establish causes for concern and strategies for success.  If your child has a significant need they may need to access the SEN register.  This may then involve the school contacting outside agencies to determine precise support for your child.  You will be consulted about this need.  Please see the following link to see how support works at each stage of the SEN register…

High Quality Teaching

We are committed, at Falkland, to providing High Quality Teaching (within the classroom) as well as providing additional intervention for pupils with SEND.  In order to ensure this, all of our SEN pupils have ‘pupil passports’ that show personal strategies for teachers and other adults working within the class on how the curriculum can be adapted to suit their learning needs.  Please see an example of a passport below;

pupil passport master

The SEND team regularly monitors the delivery of High Quality Teaching and intervention throughout the school and this feeds into the priorities for the RAP plan and TA appraisal system.

FSW and ELSA support

At Falkland we are fortunate enough to be able to provide support for families from both, our ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) or FSW (Family Support Worker).  Please see the SENCo, class teacher or Head Teacher if you need to access these services at any time.

If you would like to help support your child at home with advice, games and fun kinaesthetic activities to support IEP targets the please follow the link below to our support strategies document.


For further details regarding the SEND support that Falkland offers, please click on the link below that highlights our school’s LOCAL OFFER


SEND Reforms Information

SEND Reforms Information

Click to visit the web pagewww.senteacher.org/
Click to visit the web pagewww.bdadyslexia.org.uk/
Click to visit the web pagewww.autism.org.uk/
Click to visit the web pagewww.berkshirehealthcare.nhs.uk/camhs/


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