Falkland Primary School

More Able

At Falkland Primary School we recognise pupils as individuals with unique strengths and talents and we create opportunities for each child to develop their full potential.

All staff aim to meet the needs of all pupils and maintain a high quality of teaching and learning.

The school recognises that able, gifted and talented pupils will have special educational needs due to their high ability. All staff support them, by providing a curriculum that aims to extend and enrich the learning of these pupils.


  • To provide a whole school ethos that promotes success, and supports the “More Able”, “Exceptionally Able” and “Talented” as an integral part of teaching and learning.
  • To provide a suitably challenging and differentiated curriculum.
  • To provide a clear definition along with a range of strategies to identify “More Able”, “Exceptionally Able” and “Talented” children.
  • To register and make provision for pupils.
  • To support and provide resources for a range of teaching and learning styles, including personalised learning.
  • To identify underachievement of “More Able”, “Exceptionally Able” and “Talented” pupils.
  • To ensure staff training is given where necessary.
  • To provide “Exceptional Education Plans” for each “Exceptionally Able” pupil, and establish links with organisations and institutions to support the learning of these pupils.
  • To provide feedback and support to parents.
  • To continually track, monitor and review the provision for “More Able”, “Exceptionally Able” and “Talented” children within the school.

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