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At Falkland Primary school we offer a rich and relevant mathematics curriculum that aims to teach children the mathematical skills they require for success in everyday life and develop their confidence and ability to apply these skills in practical situations.

Maths is taught through a daily numeracy lesson where number and calculations make up much of the main focus of learning. We know that children need to develop quick recall of number facts, including multiplication tables, to enable them to solve progressively complex problems with confidence. For this reason, there is also an emphasis on the development of mental arithmetic, through varied and repeated practice, and giving opportunities for pupils to use and apply mathematics in real life situation.

In the Foundation Stage, children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum opportunities for number, calculation and shape, space and measures. Learning for these areas is through children’s play and group activities inside and outside.

Practical activities are an important part of the development of mathematical skills and continue to be used throughout the school. Opportunities to develop and apply key mathematical skills in other curriculum areas, especially science, are sought throughout the year.

Our curriculum delivery is centred on Abacus – a maths toolkit that has been written for the new primary maths curriculum. It has been carefully crafted on a robust approach to creating inspired and confident young mathematicians. To help children make sense of and practice their maths, Abacus provides a combination of maths games, interactive activities, pupil videos and pupil worksheets, focused around an interactive pupil world where children can earn rewards and personalise their learning.

We know that children need to understand the fundamentals of what they’re doing in mathematics. Abacus is underpinned with a “four pillars” approach throughout to ensure children develop a robust understanding and secure foundation in maths:

Abacus Four pillars

Please find below the useful documents and links to help understand the way maths in taught in school.


KS1 Mental Addition


KS1 Mental Subtraction


KS1 Mental Multiplication


KS1 Mental Division

KS2 Written Addition


KS2 Written Subtraction


KS2 Written Multiplication

KS2 Written Division


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