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At Falkland School, early readers follow a colour banded reading progression, which includes a variety of reading books from the Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cat and Floppy’s Phonics schemes.  We aim to provide your child with a rich diet of books, both fiction and non-fiction.  From this academic year, we are also introducing a ‘class library’ scheme, kindly funded by the local Rotary Club,  which will allow your child to borrow non-reading scheme books from their classroom to enjoy reading together at home.
We work to develop, use and enjoy English as fully as possible by extending our pupils capabilities in: speaking & listening, reading and writing. We aim to provide a rich, broad and purposeful curriculum which, in combination with systematic target setting, marking and feedback and peer and self-assessment, enables children to improve their work and make good progress.
This link will take you to an excellent recommended reading list for pupils in Key Stage 1.
This link will take you to an excellent recommended reading list for pupils in Key Stage 2.



will take you to a reading journal and reading vipers presentation.


will take you to Key Stage 2 reading vipers


Children should:

  • learn to listen actively and so develop concentration and comprehension skills;
  • develop the ability to express themselves verbally in a variety of situations;
  • achieve enjoyment and success in their use of and response to books and other written materials;
  • develop the ability to read, understand and respond to a wide range of text types, including fiction & non-fiction;
  • be able to write in a variety of forms for different audiences and purposes;
  • become confident in handling ICT to improve their reading & writing skills;
  • learn to express their meaning clearly in writing through:
      1. well-formed cursive writing;
      2. imaginative use of vocabulary;
      3. an adequate spelling vocabulary &/or strategies for spelling unknown words;
      4. correct punctuation;
    • accurate use of grammar conventions.

English teaching and learning is high profile at Falkland Primary School and this is encouraged and supported by a range of special events and initiatives related to English which occur throughout the school year including: participation in reading related charity fund raisers, our in house ‘Recommended Reads Scheme’, Drama and poetry evenings, visiting authors and a ‘Poet in Residence’. In addition, we recognise the need to support children with Special Educational Needs at both ends of the academic spectrum with small group work and sometimes workshops with authors.

    • Falkland Primary School recently took part in ‘Read for RNIB’ day and the Year 6 children wrote magazine articles about the event, two of which were published in our local parish magazine:
  • Read the articles by

  • During the autumn term, the Year 6 children were learning about World War II and were ‘evacuated’ to the countryside on the train. After the experience, they wrote letters home, imagining they had been staying with their host families for two weeks. Again two of the letters were published in our local parish magazine:

Read the letters below

Peter & Simon Murray

  • In summer term 2013, the whole school was involved in ‘Falkland Arts Week’ which culminated in a an ‘Evening of Creative Arts’ in which children, ex-pupils, teachers and actors from our local amateur theatre participated. This was the fourth such evening we have held at Falkland and all have encouraged a love of poetry and drama and built confidence in children for some of whom simply standing on the stage was a challenge.
  • We often have visiting authors who may deliver presentations or workshops to encourage a love of reading and writing; we have recently been visited by James Carter and Peter & Simon Murray. The children are always enthused by these visits.
  • We are very lucky to have a well-stocked library and a very enthusiastic librarian! A great library is key to developing a love of reading in our pupils. The children in KS2 all participate in reading challenges which involve incremental rewards for reading and reviewing books. Children are also able to recommend books via our ‘Recommended Reads’ scheme by writing a very brief review which is attached to the cover of the book.
  • Children enjoyed their trip to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke where they learned all about life in Victorian times. They then wrote recounts about their experience using time openers such as ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘then’ and ‘finally’. 
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